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OAS 7.1
OAS 7.1
Every time the OAS-7 software is updated by Wersi, the Company provides a download via their Germany website, www.wersi.net.
On our Home page there is a reference to the current latest OAS-7 version.
On this Update Details page you will be able to find information, in English, about the changes which have been made in each update.
This information about a certain number of the most recent updates will also be retained here.
Links to two articles explaining how to download these updates from Wersi Germany : Article 1  /  Article 2
Discs Required

R25 : 3 x CDs or 1 x DVD

R26 : CD1 + CD3

R27 : CD1 + CD2

R28 to R33 inc : CD1

R34 : 3 x CDs or 1 x DVD

R35 : 3 x CDs or 1 x DVD

R36 : CD1 + CD3 or 1 x   DVD of CDs 1 & 3

R37 : CD1

R38 : CD1 + CD2

R39 : Does not exist

R40 : CD1 + CD2

R41 : CD1

R42 : CD1 + CD2

R43 : CD1 (the only download provided)

R44 : 3 x CDs or 1 x DVD

R45 : 3 x CDs or 1 X DVD

The above information tells you what discs you need to download assuming the version currently in your instrument is always the one previously released. Alternatively you could use a memory stick.

If you are “jumping” from an earlier release and the latest release requires fewer than all three CDs (or one DVD), you need to look at all the intervening releases. If any of these require any CD other than the one(s) needed for the latest release, that/those will also need to be downloaded.

22January 2011

OAS-7.1 Revision 44

Information below now received from Bill Gray.  Many thanks, Bill.


R44 Update Observations on Abacus Instrument

1. No trial periods are now available (But see later)

2. More Factory Pre-sets (13) in Arabic tuning

3. Split points when touched show the additional split points added with Selector Plus, even if Selector Plus is not activated. (Presumably for Scala/Louvre users)

4. Selector Panel Advanced: Selector Plus volume combination check boxes still shown, without Selector Plus being activated

5. Mixer Panel: New FL2 Pre-set added

6. Effects Panel: New FL2 Reverb Added

7. Settings screen: Language: Nederland’s has now appeared in drop down box

8. Drum Edit Screen: New drum sounds & drum kits for FL2 (FL2 must be activated for use)

9. Activation Screen: 4 New Options Shown

A. Klaus Wunderlich Pack

B. Franz Lambert Pack 2

C. Sound Factory

D. Styles 2011

In addition when any non-activated option is highlighted, a new button appears for Test Activations, however this still brings up the Activation Screen. (Although undocumented, this test option has been available (In a different form) since OAS 7 was launched, but has now been bought to the fore)

10. Software Installation Screen: Load from Floppy & CD buttons have now been replaced with a single Software Installation Button, and when pressed it scans all storage devices (Including any USB connected devices) for the Install File. (Thus you no longer have to manually point to USB if you wish to upgrade via this option)

11 Log File Screen: R44 shows double note triggering in OAA has been improved (As I do not have the OAA, I cannot confirm this)

12. Demos: Mp3 demos of the new FL2 pack are now available in Quickload screen

Additional Information:

Styles 2011 require the OAA and Drums 2007 to also be activated.

FL2 Requires FL1, OAA, OX7 and Drums 2007 to be activated, in addition for best results on smaller instruments; the Selector Plus should also be activated.

Sound Factory is Stand Alone (Not recommended for those with Low Power CPU and Limited Ram)

Klaus Wunderlich Unknown at present; however in the latest Wersi Direct Newsletter a 4th option is mentioned as near completion.


12 July 2010

OAS-7.1 Revision 43

(Information provided by Bill Gray)

NOTE: Only 1 disc is available to download on the Wersi website, so if you need disc 2 and/or 3 you

will need to use your existing discs. (If you don’t have these discs, a full set of 3 is available to

download from here http://www.orgelboerse.de/Download.htm )

Selector Plus

An optional package providing an additional sound layer (Selector) in all Manuals for some instruments. 10 switch-on trials of this package before purchase needed to continue to use it. Full manual and review on our OAS page.

VST Plug-Ins:

The Standard Keyboard Channel assignments have changed so that they are now the same as the

Scala, therefore you may need to edit some of your current settings. (I would suggest you leave

them temporally unaltered unless you decide to purchase the Selector Plus Option, so that you don’t

have to change them back when the trial ends)


CH 1 = UPPER 1, CH 2 = UPPER 2, CH 3 = UPPER 3, CH 4 = UPPER 4, CH 5 = LOWER 1, CH 6 = LOWER 2,

CH 7 = LOWER 3, CH 8 = PEDAL 1, CH 9 = PEDAL 2


CH 1 = UPPER 1, CH 2 = UPPER 2, CH 3 = UPPER 3, CH 4 = LOWER 1, CH 5 = LOWER 2, CH 6 = PEDAL


The Activation Screen has now been updated, so that the Activation codes are now shown beside

the options you have purchased (Remember to write these down in case you ever need them in the


An additional button has also appeared top right called HIFE which brings up a help Screen

An Additional Hardware Number has appeared in addition to the Activation Number, which

means you will probably need to quote both numbers when ordering Un-Lock Codes. (Not sure what

part of the hardware this number relates to)

Details of OAS changes in each update are now available from the Settings tab by selecting Logfiles/OAS History.


Revision 42 appeared later in 2009. It was the last Revision produced by the Wersi Company prior to its purchase by Music Store of Cologne. No information ever appeared regarding the contents of Revision 42, other than it contained the opportunity to trial the new VST of the Hammond B4 called VB3.


15 July 2009

OAS-7.1 Revision 41

StylePlayer - first note sound is ok again.

Reset of WERSI-Soundgenerators corrected (effects will be included in reload).

All optional modules have a test-run for 15 starts.


6 June 2009

OAS-7.1 Revision 40

There was no R39.

Module Multitrack-Recorder introduced
B4 - settings revised
Some sounds and drumsets corrected
MIDI-record corrected (PRG-changes now always correct)
Backup-restore corrected (drumsounds included)
Reset of WERSI-Soundgenerators improved - keep Acc On/Off for 3 sec


Here is some information from Bill about the Multi-Track Recorder:

Multi-Track Recorder

Most of the text is in German again, and it is accessed from the Settings Screen below the sequence edit button. (Mehrspuraufnahme: which translated = Multi-Track Recorder)

BTW unless selected from the Settings Screen, the button on the Main Main Screen is hidden behind the clock , so you end up with either the clock or the recorder. (Slight screen re-design required me thinks)

Here are the translations which might help users (Starting from top down)

Mehrspur = Multi-Track Recorder

Aktuelles Projekt  = Current Project

Zuruck = Back

Speichern = Save

Laden = Load

Projektloschen = Delete Project

Sek = Sec (I think its something to do with timing)

Exportie Als  = Export As

It looks interesting, although it seems to have a few things missing at the moment, I will give more details when I have had a good chance to look at it. (You get the usual 16 try's before you have to buy it, and as yet I cannot find any prices)


27 March 2009

OAS-7.1 Revision 38

Best of Accordions new Package - available for 16 “Tries”

Karaoke function improved further

Tempo control of Midi-Files corrected

Switching function for B4 revised

Two drumsets have been revised to prevent a distorted Tom-Tom sound occurring with two Yamaha Styles


25 February 2009

OAS-7.1 Revision 37

New functions for the footswitch:

--Start/Stop Rhythm Designer
--Sustain Upper & Solo

Optimized volumes for Acc-voices

[With acknowledgement to Roger Zeebroek for this information and translation]


24 December 2008

OAS-7.1 Revision 36

Rhythm Designer introduced.

Bill Gray informs us that 16 “lives” are available for trying out this software, one life being lost for each loading of the OAS-7 software into the organ. The OAA and the 2007 Drumsets must already be activated before the Rhythm Designer can be tried out.

Karaoke-function for sequences enhanced.

New karaoke-function for MP3-files.


5 October 2008

OAS-7.1 Revision 35

Translated loosely from the PDF file on the Wersi-Germany website.


Dear OAS-Owner,


The new Release 35 is available for immediate download.


Since we integrated the optional Franz-Lambert-Edition into Release 34, we have now included in Release 35 several brand new sounds at no cost. As you see, we work constantly on advancements and improvements. For the sake of completeness, all new sounds in the past months were provided by Wersi free of charge.


Pedalbass Sounds (Bank 93 – Areas 60 to 65)

Owners of the Abacus, EX1-Expander, Vegas, Verona and Xenios could not play two sounds on the pedalboard. Therefore each of these six sounds combines two sounds together. Tip: Under Selectors in the Sound Control area you can adjust the relative loudness of each of the two sounds and store the result in a Total Preset for playing.


Organ-Sounds (Bank 93 – Areas 66 to 76)

Here there are 11 specially selected Organ sounds.


New Sounds with Release 35 (Bank 93 – Areas 77 to 98)

Here are 25 new sounds including, for example, a new Legato Tenor Sax, various Choirs, a Swing Clarinet, an Electric Guitar Ricky, a fantastic Solo Trumpet, or a Pedal Steel Guitar.


New Effect Sounds (Bank 93 –Areas 110 to 117)

These new Effect Sounds can also be placed on the Lower Manual. Set up a Lower Manual split from C5 and place one of the new Effect Sounds in LM2. Then you can quickly and easily use these sounds while playing.


Where can you find these new Sounds?

You can place these new Sounds in a Total Preset or map them to a button.

Select QUICKLOAD, then SOUNDS. Then scroll to Bank 93. Select to display “1,2,3…”.

Find numbers 093-000-060 to 093-000-117 in the Sounds list.

Choose the sound you want, touch “Load” and the sound will appear in your previously selected Manual Layer.


Mapping the New Sounds

This is the normal mapping process. Select the sound from numbers 093-000-60 to 093-000-117.


5 August 2008

OAS-7.1 Revision 34

The Franz-Lambert-Edition is available as an optional package, activated by a code purchased from Wersi.

Changes to the ACC voices.


17 June 2008

OAS-7.1 Revision 33

B4 - Optimizing of Rotor/Vibrato and Percussion handling.
B4 - factory-sounds editable.
11 new fixed Drawbar-Sounds especially for accompaniment in bank 84. These sounds are available for the manuals also at bank 93.
Further adjustments in the sound list for Yamaha-Styles.

Adjustment of ACC-String sound

30 April 2008
OAS-7.1 Revision 32
OAA : Function Track copy in Style-Record implemented.
Sequencer : Tempo offsets in the Editor work properly.
Sequencer : mastertrack edit implemented.

08 April 2008

OAS-7.1 Revision 31

New Drumsets : 045-047 function correctly again.

OAA : Track deletion functions correctly.

OAA : Undo and Redo functions work correctly.

OAA : Input of all times in Event Edit possible.

OAA : Pattern numbers displayed correctly.

OAA : Quantization off is no longer possible.

OAA : When recording, available TRACKS are indicated correctly.

OAA : Beats/bars in the RecMode now indicated correctly.

OAA : Realdrum track can be muted in Edit mode.

SeqEdit : Replace/Overdub can no longer be exchanged.

Seq-part control : LED display works correctly when a part loop is to be repeated by pressing the appropriate panel button.  [Something of a guess!]

Foot switch allocations :  Split On/Off available for Upper and Lower Manuals.

Foot switch allocations : Labellings adjusted to fit the panel on the screen.


15 March 2008
OAS-7.1 Revision 30
Preset Manager: Assign several Presets to a group functions again.
OAA Style - Party Polka: Errors with ending 1 repaired.
OAA: Tempo field inserted in the menu Style Record and Event Edit
OAA: Event Edit - with the Scrollen within the Event list automatically always the first Key/tone is audible
OAA: Event Edit - when playing only the original notes become audible (Sequence mode)
Drum set: Old Drum set is again completely present, if the new Drum sets are not activated
7 New Sounds:
00-093-000-059; Alto Sax Medium
00-093-000-060; Pedalbass+Kettle Drum
00-093-000-061; Pedalbass+Strings 1
00-093-000-062; Pedalbass+Strings 2
00-093-000-063; Pedalbass+Orchestra
00-093-000-064; Pedalbass+Tuba
00-093-000-065; Pedalbass+Sinus
GM-Sound Acc-Bass corrected

23 February 2008
OAS-7.1 Revision 29
Chorus setting when switching to Wersi OX7 now corrected
Sequencer: NRPNs are filtered
Sounds: Jazz guitar now corrected
Foot switch functions Acc on Off, Acc forward and Acc back now corrected

14 February 2008
OAS-7.1 Revision 28
OX7: Rotor control when changing Presets now works correctly in all cases.
OAA: The five new OAA Styles which worked incorrectly in version 26 have now been corrected.
New Analogue Sound Packages: Sounds in version 26 which were not audible now work correctly.
Easy Preset: Upon the next boot-up the previously selected condition (Hold or not hold) is held.
Accompaniment Display: Changing On/Off fields with the Tempo/Data wheel now results in their correct storage.
Percussion On/Off function in B4 and Wersi Drawbars now works correctly.

9 February 2008
OAS-7.1 Revision 27
Five of the new Factory OAA Styles:
0930 - Country Pop OAA
0936 - Polka party OAA
0943 - Hits Beat OAA
0944 - Shuffle OAA
0945 - Slow Beat OAA
had an incorrect pathway in the software of v26. This has now been corrected.

25 January 2008
OAS-7.1 Revision 26
OAA: When repeating the same chord with Man Hold the repeat occurs.
OAA: Adjustment of the Jazz Guitar for the GM set in the auto accompaniment.
Drum edit: Problems with new import of Drum samples repaired.
ACC: Reload: in case of failure of the accompaniment this can again be activated by holding the Acc switch.